Surya Shakti Solar Water Heating System

Utility & Applications of Surya Shakti Solar Water Heating Systems

Surya Shakti Solar Water Heating Systems are useful to meet the requirement of hot water of Defence, Industries, Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels, Mess, Canteens, Religious and Charitable Institutes, Educational Institutes, Residence etc., for bathing, washing, cleaning, cooking, process heating, Boiler feed water, Leather tanning, Food processing, Space heating, H.D. Oil heating, Component washing, Dyeing, Painting, Ice Melting at high altitude areas, etc.  

Available Sizes of Surya Shakti Solar Water Heating Systems

Available in different sizes of 100 litres per day (LPD) at 60 C to 1,00,000 litres per day at 85 C for plains, Deserts, High Altitude areas, with or without Heat Exchangers & Electrical Back-up with Epoxy coated M.S. or stainless steel hot water storage tank.  Available in thermosyphen as well as Forced Flow mode with different designs & configurations.     

Surya Shakti Basic SWHS

Surya Shakti Basic SWHS consists of collectors, insulated hot water tank, interconnecting piping, electrical backup, sacrificial anode, It heats the water directly and is recommended for water having hardness leass then 90PPM. 

Surya Shakti SWHS with Double Loop / Heat Exchanger

Special systems with copper coil heat exchanger i.e. double loop is developed and provided to prevent scale formation or freezing of water at the locations where water is salty or ambient temperature goes Sub-zero. 

Surya Shakti SWHS Pressurised Model

Surya Shakti SWHS Pressurised model consists of collectors, pressurised dished end insulated hot water tank with Heat Exchanger, inter connecting piping, electrical backup and sacrificial anode. It heats the water indirectly. It is recommened for pressurised water supply and for water having hardness more than 90 PPM and for snow bound areas with anti freeze solution. 

Surya Shakti SWHS Forced Circulation

Surya Shakti SWHS Forced Circulation Model has all the components same as in Thermosyphon. Whereas, the Heat Exchanger is outside the hot water storage tank and circulation through pumps and having differential control for highest output recommended for industrial and commercial organisation where the size of the tank is large. 

Surya Shakti Customised SWHS

Surya Shakti provides no. of custom built systems as per the customer's specific site requirements. 

Components Of Surya Shakti Solar Water Heating Systems

Basic Thermosyphen type Surya Shakti Water Heating System consists of :


1.  Solar Flat Collectors (ISI marked)

1.  Magnetizer or Sacrificial Anode.

2.  Double Walled Insulated Hot Water Storage   Tank.

2.  Copper Coil Heat Exchanger with Feeder Tank having Thermic fluid/Anti-freeze solution.

3.  Piping in between the system.

3.  Stainless Steel (SS 304) Storage Tank.

4.  Collectors & Tank Stands.

4.  Over Head Cold Water Tank with Stand.

5.  Temp. Gauze & other controls.

5.  System with colours of choice/protective coating


6.   Thermosyphen / Forced Flow Type System.


7.   Pump & Solenoid Valve.


8.   With DTC/FTC.


9.   Flat roof / Ground / Inclined roof mounted.


Working of Surya Shakti Thermosyphen System

Basic Surya Shakti Solar Water Heating System works on the Thermosyphen principal.  The system is fed by cold water supply either under gravity flow, from Over-head Cold Water Tank (generally at 8 ft height to be provided by user, unless or otherwise specified) or through pump. In thermosyphen systems storage tank (Hot water) is kept above Solar Flat Plate Collectors.  To start with cold water is filled in Storage Tank (HW).  In the morning as the sun rises the Collectors gets heated up and water inside the riser tubes rises by natural convection on top of the storage tank and colder water from bottom of the storage tank flows in Collector under gravity.  Thus the natural circulation is automatically established whenever there is sufficient sun-shine and automatically stops during insufficient insolation when the upward buoyancy force is unable to overcome fluid friction losses inside plumbing.  Once Storage tank reaches at sufficiently higher temp, you can use the hot water from utility side by operating taps as and when required.  The cold water entry to the system will be controlled automatically.

Surya Shakti Technology Edge

■  Selective Coating

■  Laser Welding

■ Toughened Glazing

■ Insulation

■ Exclusive Closed Circuit System.

■  Only one time initial investment.

■  Stainless Steel Storage Tank

■  Soft loan available @5% p.a. from banks.

■  Sacrificial Anode

■  Hot Water All Year Round.


Special Features

★  Fully automatic controlled systems with digital display boards are designed for forced circulation Solar Water Heating Systems.

★  Surya Shakti using selective coating having high solar absorbivity and low emissivity for the best performance of the systems.

★  Copper- Copper Laser welded Fin and Tube ensures a very high degree of thermal efficiency and thermal stability. Weld     strength, service life and corrosion resistance are equal to that of parent metal. There is no solder or adhesive to deteriorate     and no mechanical joint to work loose.

★  Horizontal toughened low iron glass used for better protection and performance.

★  Anodised Extruded Aluminium Channel used for extra strength, longer life and attractive look of the collector.

★  Surya Shakti Systems are durable, having longer life and suitable, for heating the fluid upto 85 degree Celsius.

★  Surya Shakti Systems work at high efficiency even on cloudy days. Due to high absorbivity, low emmissivity selective coating used.

Benefits of Surya Shakti Solar Water Heating Systems

■  Use Solar Energy which is safe, available free and is in abundance in India.

■  Does not require extra space as they can be installed on roof tops.

■ 100% depreciation in the first year from Income-tax.

■ No recurring expense on conventional fuels.

■ Hot water is available round the clock.

■  Only one time initial investment.

■  Environment friendly.

■  Soft loan available @5% p.a. from banks.

■  Profitability by saving in energy bills.

■  2-3 years pay back period.

■  Negligible maintenance.

■  Long life span.





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