Solar Water Heating Systems, Solar Flat Plate Collectors (ISI marked), Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks (MS/SS, Pressurised/Non Pressurised), Solar Cookers, Solar Distilled Water Plants, Solar Cabinet Driers, Solar Energy Equipments spares & kits in knocked down conditions 2W to 300W SPV Panels (Moserbaer, Maharishi make, etc), Solar Hybrid Inverters, PWM / MPPT Technology based Solar Charge Controllers (SSSPL, Xantrex, Morning Star make), Solar Batteries (Exide, Base, Luminuous make), Small Wind electric Generators, In-house fabricated Custom built Wind Towers, Module Mounting Structures, Poles, Battery boxes, CFL/LED Luminaires are availabale at Factory rates.


MNRE Empanelment Financing Scheme of IDBI Surya Shakti       
    Surya Shakti (India) Pvt Ltd started by a woman entrepreneur as a proprietory     firm in 1990 is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of Solar Energy Products &     Systems. In last 22 years Surya Shakti (India) Pvt Ltd has earned reputation,     recognition and popularity as one of the leading manufacturer of Solar Heating     Lighting Systems, manufacturing these products with utmost accuracy and there     is nothing but its perfection of products that upholds its name among its clients     Pan India.

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Surya Shakti installed Solar Water Heating Systems at Haryana Raj Bhawan, Chandigarh, Northern Railways, Ambala Cantt., Sacha Sauda Ruhani Satsang, Beas, Adesh Welfare Society, Muktsar, Jupitar Tanning Company, Jalandhar, Delhi Public School, Panchkula, etc.


Solar Heating Collectors & Drying System

Solar Space Heating System

Solar Timber Seasoning Kilns

Solar Desalination System


Solar Street Lighting System

Solar Domestic Lighting  System

Solar Battery Chargers

Solar Swimming Pool Heating System



“Help to reduce pollution, utilize free available source of energy, promote environment friendly technology in personal & National interest.”






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